Nutella Pancake Relay Race

Continuing our existing collaboration with BNH Studio the new character animation came to date to display the campaign statistics.The action takes it place on the largest holiday in Russia which called Shrovetide. It starts at the end of February and continue till the beginning of March. The main character is cooking the pancakes that resemble the Sun and adding Nutella hazelnut spread on them for to make his own breakfast and share some pancakes with guests. They enjoy the taste of pancakes because it's taste best with Nutella. At the scene we tried to reflect the Russian culture. The ornaments on the table cove, symbols of the sun, houses, snow man everything was planned to display the Russian traditions and the coming of Spring.

Release date:
September 09 2011

project manager
Kostya Prokofiev

Character Animation and Rendering

Video Editor 

BNH Studio team