Amber sun

The main purpose of this project was to create the catalogue of the amber  products according to the orders and design the logo “Amber sun”. The limited company “Ukrainian-Chinese group of companies Polesye” is a firm which is rapidly developing. For the 2 years on the Ukrainian market of the amber products the company has arranged the production of highly qualified goods with the wide range of assortment which keep pace with the most current trends.

The designing of the logo “Amber Sun”
We received 2 results.

Option A

Option B

We have stopped at the option A

The catalogue

The site with the amber products gives us the possibility to classify goods according to the price, weight, size and even the type of the product.

Release date:
July 08 2012 

project menager
Yura Prokofiev

Yura Prokofiev 

Senior PHP Developer Peter